Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Seminar "Romanian projects and achievements with European perspective", 2nd edition

Our team presented the project "From the forest to the sea" to 80 teachers and headteachers who attended the seminar organised by CCD "Spiru Haret" Iasi, Romania and National College "Garabet Ibraileanu" Iasi, Romania.

Biannual meeting of teachers of preschool education - Debate on lateral thinking

At local biannual meeting of teachers of preschool education our team presented the ways of developing lateral thinking through inquiry based teaching and learning.
The meeting was attended by 40 teachers from Iasi Romania.

The teachers from Caliços'sKindergarden dramatized the story for the children...

How the Fox punished his tail - Drawings from Class 2ºB

Juliana Raminhos - 7 anos

Matilde Campos - 7 anos
Mateus Martins - 8 anos

Dana Katsanova - 8 anos

Laura Dias - 7 anos

Ledison Borges -8 anos

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

We play the fox game

                                                     First we made the tails with   old tights

                                                  Than we have gone outside and play...

                                                        we put the tails and...

The hunter runned after us

and try to steal a tail...

And he has won!!!

And we touched a real fox skin!

It's so soft!!


We touched and feel with our hands!

Hum! It´s good!

 The claws are hard

It's so good, so soft!

The claws..

The mustaches tickle...
The ears are a bit hard.

Our older friends from Primary school came to our class and told us the story "How the fox punnished his tail"

Class 2ºA and class 2
Class 2ºC and class 1
Class 2ºB and class 4

Monday, November 21, 2016

"How the fox punished his tail" - Drawings (class 2 - JI da Correeira)

 Egor Postevka, 5 years old

 Diana Inácio, 4 years old

 Tiago Almeida, 4 years old

Francisco Lameiro, 5 years old 

 Ana Cristina Gonçalves, 5 years old

 Noa Mariano, 4 years old

Eva Silva, 5 years old 

Ahriyana Jorge, 5 years old 

Filipe Mrabty, 4 years old 

Luan Santos, 4 years old 

Mafalda Santos, 4 years old 

Miriam Bumba, 5 years old