Saturday, June 30, 2018


E-books are our project "From The Forest To The Sea!" products. There are Estonian, Romanian, Portugal and Belgium sotries and learning activities books.

Here you can read the books, download them and use in your everyday work!

Please do download them and have fun:

E-Book 1. ESTONIA                                                  E-Book 2. ROMANIA

                                           E-Book 3. PORTUGAL                                             E-Book 4. BELGIUM

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Insect observatory

With a snail, a spider and a ant we made an insect observatory.
We put the small insects side by side and we observed them well and share the differences and similarities between them.

 UPS!!!! Where is the Spider?
 Inside the magnifying glass

  Look The ant, it seems so big!!

 - The snail has a shell and the ant is thin;
- The snail is larger than the ant and the spider;
- The ant is black, the snail is green and brown;

- The ant and the spider have legs but the snail crawls;
- The ant walks very fast and the snail is very slow. The spider does not move, because it is dead!

Ant has a problem

Trap to catch ants

We built a trap to catch ants. Do you know how? Well the antslove sugar and we... guess what?
 We mixed a little sugar with a little water in a lid...
... we put it out there in the playground 
and... after 15 minutes we had ants already

we got to count 6 ants: 2 little ants and 4 big ants.

Ant has a problem

Today we decided to build an anthill.
So we left school and went looking for in the local park to pick some Sand-Like Soil. And surprise!!!! We found little anthills on the field...

...and we could see small tunnels. It was very interesting!!!

After this we collect some soil and return at school. There we put a smaller jar, without its lid, upside down, on a bigger jar. We fill the outer area between the two jars with the sandy soil.

The sandy soil have ants. So it was easy to put the little ants ont the jar.

Now every day we can observe the ants!!


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Seminar E+ for disseminating project results, Iasi- Romania

"From the forest to the sea!" project results were disseminated on 5 june - Romanian Teachear Day, in the framework of the seminar organized by National College "Garabet Ibraileanu" Iasi to the participants from Romania and Moldavia teachers from preschool and primary level of education.
 There were 5 presentations in which had presented all partner's story-based activities using active methods of teaching indoor and outdoor and also the exchanges of good practices from transnational meetings.
The presentation movies from partner project institutions completed the meeting delighting the eyes and the hear of the audience.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

We made the characters of the story the problem of the ant...
 They are beautiful!!

 Look the ants!!
 The bees

The bees!
... the crickets!!
 So beautiful are our snails

and we built a beautiful mobil