Wednesday, May 31, 2017

With the legend of the beach of Srª da Rocha we have talked a lot about the sea ... And questions have arisen like:
"Why there is sand on the beach?" "What are corals?" "Why is seawater salty?"

To help us know the answers to these questions, we invited the marine biologist, Ana Simões to come to our class and talk to us about the sea!

She explained to us that in the sea there are 4 types of algae:
  • The green algae, which are green;
  • The brown algae that are brown;
  • The red algae that are red, and ...
  • The blue algae that are not blue. When it gets dark they turn green and when the sun hits the sea they turn red !!!

 Ahriyana, 6 years

Noa, 6 years

      She told us that crabs have 8 legs
 Diana, 5 years

 Eva, 6 years

                                   Mafalda, 5 years  

                            Mafalda, 5 years
Mafalda, 5 years
                            Mafalda, 5 years


Monday, May 29, 2017

We also made beautiful draws by Legend of beach Srª da Rocha


We use coloring pencils, pastels and oil

 Rosanna 6a
 Rebecca 6a
 Anete 6a
Kevin 7a

Patrick 6a
 Kenert 7a
Helin 6a
 Henri 6a
Viktoria 7a

Monday, May 22, 2017

Today we played with the logical blocks (geometric forms) and we made funny dolls ...

and than we had a great idea... .... and we made a beautiful crab!!!

 1st we  scored a large circle and two smaller ones
 We put the big circle ... we drew the paws, we put the 2 circles
 And the crab appeared

We made a research in the web and we saw beautifil pictures from the sea, so we  tried to portray the sea in our works, with crayons and then painted with blue paint!

Noa, 5 years
Diana, 5 years
Tiago, 4 years
Refano, 5 years

Maria Inês, 5 years
Francisco 5 years
Filipe, 5 years
Gonçalo, 4 years

Nikolas, 4 years
Alisa, 4 years

 Ana Cristina, 6 years
 Ahriyana, 6 years

 Egor, 6 years

 Martim, 4 years
 Eva, 5 years
Anilson 4 years