Monday, May 22, 2017

We made a research in the web and we saw beautifil pictures from the sea, so we  tried to portray the sea in our works, with crayons and then painted with blue paint!

Noa, 5 years
Diana, 5 years
Tiago, 4 years
Refano, 5 years

Maria Inês, 5 years
Francisco 5 years
Filipe, 5 years
Gonçalo, 4 years

Nikolas, 4 years
Alisa, 4 years

 Ana Cristina, 6 years
 Ahriyana, 6 years

 Egor, 6 years

 Martim, 4 years
 Eva, 5 years
Anilson 4 years

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