Sunday, December 4, 2016

Like the Fox we used our senses to discouver the world...

We discovered our friends using our hands...

Your hair is soft!(Dani - 5 years old and Santiago - 4 years old)

  You look a little big to me and you smell like Miguel...(Diogo - 3 years old and Miguel - 5 years old)

  You're little and your heart is beating very hard! (Gustavo - 5 years old and Patricia- 3 years old)

You look big!!! (Inês - 5 years old and David 3 years old)

 We used our sense of smell to discover the smell of spices and..

... some fruits

 we used also the touch to feel this beautiful anise star

Smelling an apple

 Smelling a cinnamon stick

 Smelling cloves

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