Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Inquiry-base learning activity with Estonian story

Theme: Once upon a time...
Cildren age: 5-6 years

Objectives: The child can make co-operation for the same aim. The child can use magnifying glass. The child can tell the content of the poem in their own words. The child knows how to count. The child is able to combine a variety of materials in art work.

Tools: poem "Once upon a time...", pictures (herring, schooner), bowls with salt (on every table one), cups with water (on every table one), spoons (2 on each table), pieces of cardboard (for every child), magnifying glasses (for every child), drawing paper (for every child), water colors, coloured pencils, glue, scissors.

Preparations: Teacher puts on the tables bowls with salt, cups with water, spoons, pieces of cardboard and magnifying glasses. The children have heard the poem "Once upon a time..." before.

The children gather in the circle to sit. The teacher reads to them the poem "Once upon a time...", stopping in between and asking the children: "What happened next?". When the poem is over, there is a conversation to repeat what happend and can this happen in real life? Then the teacher asks the children to go and sit behind the tables.
Then every child raises salt with the spoon on their pieces of cardboard. The children look the salt and describe what they see. Then they observe the salt through the magnifying glass and describe what they see, and how is it different from the phenomenon with the naked eye.
The teacher asks: "What happened to the sea water when the herring chewed hole to the boat? We will try how much salt can fit to the cup with water and will it mix with the water!
Every table has to agree - who raises the water to the cup, who is mixing it, who is counting the spoonfuls - or will they take turns.
Every table will make saltwater and when they are finished they will tell by turns how many spoonfuls of water they put in, so that the salt did't dissolve anymore.
Then there is conversation how the water changed after salt was put in and why at one point salt no longer dissolved.
In the end every child can make art picture about herring living in the salty water. The background will be coloured with the water colors. With the glue they make waves and sprinkle with salt. To the other paper they draw herring, cut them out on glue on the water.

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