Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Discovery learning activity with Estonian story

Theme: Once upon a time...
Children age: 4-5 years

Objectives: The child is able to act independently for a short time in activities - discovering, exploring and experimenting. The child is able to feel free and act in improvise. The child can listen and is able to tell forward the story they heard, with adult help through questions. The child can tell what he/she sees, does and did do using 3-5 word sentences. The child reads 4 line poems by heart. The child knows that poems and music make up a song. The child can draw the fish and make art craft from natural material and artificial material.

Tools: chairs, blue fabrics, decorations made by children (ship masts, flag, salt barrel made of paper, torn paper as salt, gold coins from paper, fish hook from tree branches). Boys have sailors clothes, striped shirts, hats, captains hat. Girls are wearing head bands with fish pictures, bubble blower, straws, towels. The Neptune has linen and Neptune fork made of cardboard, fishing net. For art: paper, glue, scissors, tape, felt tip pens, oil pastels, template from fich, crayons, cardboard, rope, tree brances, signs, golden paper

Preparations: The teacher put ready the scenario, a book with poetry and song disc with the "Herring song". The teacher and the children make from chairs the shape of a ship and beside it on the floor blue and yellow fabric. One side of the room is the sea and the other side the beach. The children put ready the barrels for the salt and bubble blowers on the yellow fabric. Decoration "underwater world" was prepared in advance, and it is attached on the wall on the sea side. On the art tables the teacher and her assistant have put ready all the tools for art and handcraft and also sings with childrens names. The children will sit in their seats make some decorations and accessories (the fishes, golden coins, salt from paper, salt sings for the barrels, ship masts, flag, spyglass, the fish hooks, Neptunes crown, Neptunes fork) When all the decorations and accessories are ready they will be put on their places to set the scene fro the story

Activity: The song Once upon a time... is devided into 9 scenes. The teacher is reading scene by scene and the children will act as told in the story using all the made decorations and accessories.
Teacher is reading and the girls are playing herrings who are moving around on the beach. They can move only on the yellow fabric to keep away from the water.
Now the attention goes to the boys, to the sea and on ship. The fishes (girls) take bubble blowers and make bubbles on the beach. The boys are moving and making rowing moves and sound in the rhythm. The captain is steering the wheel, wheelman is watching with the spyglass to the land. The ship is moving to the beach.
3 and 4 scenes
The fishes (girls) are making bubbles and moving back and forward on the beach like cats. From them a young girl emerges, who is waving to the ship. The girl is dressed in a long dress, a head band and a bag full of golden coins. The ship land and the girl is buying barrel of salt with with one hundred golden coins. In the same time one herring is sneaking into the ship. The other fishes take off their head bands and throwing them in the sea and they start to fish with the fish hooks.
5 scene
The herring is starting to catch mice and rats on the ship, he girl who is playing it is squatting down
 and standing up by turns and holding in mouth mouse or rat. Then the herring starts to lick the salt in the barrels. It means that the girl is very cearfully ripping the paper from the ship. She rips it until there is a big hole in the ship.
6 scene
The girls who were fishing now put away the fishing hooks and take the blue fabric and start to waving it. The sailors and captain fall over on the ship and the girls are covering the ship with the blue fabric making waves in the same time.
7 scene
Now the Neptune emerges with the big fork. And gives the herring know what is her punishment for sinking the ship. Then the boys will play the fishermen and the girls fishes and trying to get away.
8 scene
The Neptune sais the last lines from the poem and hits the fork on the floor. The boys catch all the fishes (girls). The girls squat down and the boys a sprinkling the paper salt on them.
9 scene
The Neptune is emerging again and throus paper salt all over the sea (blue fabric). And they all together say the last line from the poem. Then they all stand up and bow and clap hands for each other.
Neptun tuleb uuesti merest välja ja viskab soola mööda merd laiali. Lapsed, seekord kõik
koos ütlevad luule viimase lause: “Ja sellest ajast tõsi see, on merevesi soolane”. Kõik
tõusevad püsti kummardavad ja plaksutavad üksteisele.

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