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The name of Techirghiol

The name of Techirghiol
It is said that long ago in a village on the Black Sea lived an old crippled and almost blind man named Techir. The man did not have anyone just a donkey who help him at his works.
The summers were milder for Techir but the winters were very difficult because of bone pains which were increasingly painful from year to year.
Someday Techir decided to go to a healer in a near village, who could help him. The healer looked at Techir, opened his big book and said:
-         When man is in need he must trust his best friend and where his best friend will guide him, he will find the salvation!
Sad because of senseless words of the healer, Techir left at home without any hope. The donkey, who had many wounds from heavy work could not go very fast, so it was already night when suddenly the horse fell down in a sort of bad smelling mud. The animal was stuck in the mud and the old man had to go after his best friend to help him but the donkey didn't want to go out from there in any way.
In the morning Techir saw that they fell in a swamp which was pretty big . He find astonishing that the horse's wounds are almost cured and his legs are able to move more quickly and the pains are no longer so hard.
Remembering the words of the healer about "salvation", Techir thanked to his friend, the horse and came daily at the swamp and was bathing in it. Soon old Techir began to see better and his bone pains disappeared.
Glad it was cured Techir decided to move near the swamp. He built a large house and invited anyone who has healthy problems to come and try the therapeutic effects of the mud. When they heard the news, lots of people rushed to the shore of the sea at the swamp, bathing and putting mud all over their bodies so that they had been cured by their ills. Shortly an important settlement was formed on the shore of Black Sea in peace and good living named Techirghiol Lake after the old man’s name.

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