Friday, October 6, 2017

Legend of Rocha Beach

Group age 3-4 years
Language and communication education "Who I would like to be!"
Children have chosen their favorite characters and explain why they chose that.
Methods: brainstorming, inquiry-based teaching and learning, work groups

The group was divided in two groups: fishermen and farmers. Each of them search for the beauties of the Earth and the beauties of the sea to give the mermaid.
"The fishermen" search to find the most beautiful shells.

The farmers search to find something different...precious stones maybe or..a profound feeling.


  1. Felicitări pentru activitățile frumoase, diverse și antrenante! Din fotografiile copiilor se citește bucuria descoperii, buna dispoziție și plăcerea de a învăța prin joc! Cu admirație! Maria D.

  2. Va multumim ca ne sunteti alaturi!