Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Legend of the Serra de Monique

Group age 4-5 years old
The main questions of the day: What are the Moors?
Integrated activity:Language and communication education
Type: knowledge aquisition
Teaching materials: Pictures with the Moors
Methods of teaching: inquiry-based teaching, brainstorming,
The seats were arranged in circle and the pictures were given from one to another 

The answers found were: "They were warriors because they have " - Victor
                                         "They had nice houses " - Davis
                                          "The men wore robes as like the women"- Rares
                                          "They wore funny hats"- Miruna
The teacher corrected and completed the answers about the Moor's clothing.
Pictures with Moors were exposed in the classroom and children share their new knowledge with the colleagues.

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