Thursday, October 12, 2017

Legend Serra de Monique

Group age: 4-5 years old
Multicultural Education -   Moorish fashion day
What is it like to be dressed like Moors?(almost like them)
Methods: inquiry based teaching and learning, R method
 "I feel that nobody can see me!I like it"
 "I feel very beautiful"
 "I feel nothing"
 "I feel like a princess"
 " I feel beautiful"
 "I feel I can't breathe"
 "I am like warriors!I like it"
 I feel like a king!
 "I feel good!"
 "I don't like it"
 " I like very much"
 "I like it to be dress like that!
 "I feel like Santa"

 I want to be Zuleima- Bea

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