Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Every year there is a Teacher Conference for all Tallinn kindergarten teachers. It is for sharing good practices and projects. There can take part one teacher from every kindergarten (there is 126 municipal kindergartens + privet kindergartens). It is very popular, because of the things they share and you can gather ideas for your own kindergarten.

This year it was called "Happy kindergarten day" and there was 21 presentations. Among them also us!! Me, Helina, and Ingrid where the ones to tell about our project. Our presentation started with Romanian traditional story "The name of Tachirghiol". When Ingrid read the story then I showed pictures that children have made and pictures of activities. After the story I told about the overall project - our objectives, activities. And also about transnational meetings. Hopefully we get also more people to view our blog!

Pictures from the conference:

Pictures made by teacher Anu!

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  1. Very interesting the idea with the conference!A very good opportunity!Congratulation!