Friday, March 16, 2018

Floppy and the water - Belgium story

Math education -Didactic play -  "More fishes in clean waters, fewer fishes in dirty waters"
Age group 4/5 years old
Two teams of 8 players: one team for clean waters and one team for dirty waters

The rules: after they have recognize the work material, each team have to find the right number of fishes for the different tasks:
"Find more fishes than 1/2/3 or 4 to put in the clean water" and "Find fewer fishes than 5/4/3 or 2 for dirty waters"
 Each team has find the correct answer and then to relate the number with the quantity and quantity with the number.

 Then, the game became a little bit more complicated: "The teams has to added in "dirty waters"  fewer, as many or more"garbage"(in our case colorful broken pencils) than 4/3 or 2.

In this way, we've also formed the numerical scale.
Each team's member was applaud by his classmates for the answers and all children were very proud by their work.

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