Sunday, March 18, 2018

Floppy and the water - Belgium story

How magnificent the water is?                                  Group age:4/5 years old
Science education: "What is the water?" - a poetry of Aurora Luchian
Using this poetry we made an integrated activity about the water transformations
We learnt that water is a liquid but in the same time...
if go to the kitchen and put the kettle with water to boil...
  a part of the water will disappear because it transforms into steam.
We could see the steam...
 We could feel it ..but we can't catch it.
But we put a cold cover pot over the kettle and we wait..
The cover pot became warm and...the steam became water again.

The water is magnificent indeed!


  1. Magnifica is also the chosen theme and approach.
    Maura Ignat