Friday, April 27, 2018

Floepje and water - Belgium story


CHILDREN AGE: 3-4 years

OBJECTIVES: The child knows that the snow melts in warm places and turns into water. The child knows how to draw Lope (Floepje in Estonia). The child can paint with watercolors pure water pond and green around the pond. The child listens with interest the story told by teacher. The child understands that some water bodys are polluted and if you swim there the living organs will get ill. The child knows that in spring the weather gets warmer, snow melts and turns into water and that the water flows into the water body.

USED MATERIALS, TOOLS: plastic buckets to collect snow, white filter paper, funnels, can with tap water. Glove puppet Lope. Teacher painted Belgium flag, globe, watercolors, gouache colors, brushes, water cups, pencils, stickers.

PREPARATIONS: The teacher paints Belgium flag and organizes all the needed materials and put them ready for the activity.

At first activity inside:
The teacher tells the story of Lope who lives in the big forest with beautiful pure water pond. She also shows from the globe Belgium and then the state flag. Children compare Estonian and Belgium flags. 

The children discuss why riverwater turned filthy. They promise never to through trash on ground or on snow nor riverside water.

The children paint pure water pond where Lope lives. They glue ladygugs and clover leafs on the grass and frogs in the ponds.

The children can name the characteristicks of the seasons. Like the story takes place in summer because the river water is warm for swimming.

Outdoor education: The children are playing with melting snow. Pair work: 2 childs together fill plastic bucket with snow (they also have to describe snow) and bring the snow inside the classroom. 

After the nap time everyone examine its own plastic bucket with snow. What has happened? Is the melted snow water as clean the tap water? They examine it in filtering the water.

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