Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Floppy and the water - Belgium story

Ecological and economic education:"What could we do with food scraps?"
Materials and tools: fresh vegetables, kitchen tools, plates and cutlery, seeds, cornflower, egg form-work, different recipients, watercolors and pens        Age group:3/4 years old
We made a salad... and we taste it...
 It was delicious but we can't ate it all so we have to clean  after us...
Team 1 go out and mix the scraps with cornflour

Team 2 work on the compost station
We plant seeds in the egg formwork
Team 3: work on the compost station wall
We are painting the wall of the compost station

And we made a compost station
we added the scraps...
and we are waiting for results!

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