Monday, February 6, 2017

Outdoor activity with Estonian story

Theme: Fox´s adventure trail
Children: 4-5 years old

Objectives: The child knows different trees in kindergarten yard - pine, spruce, birch, maple, pine bush. Child knows numbers 1-8 and learns new numbers 9-10. The child is able to describe a variety of senses and sensory activities. The child can form pairs according to their wrist band.

Tools: from cardboard and laminated - pictures from gemstones, from different things that make sounds and different things that taste differently. Jars with different flavorers. Big smooth stone, soft snowman and hedgehog crafted from pine needles. For the children from cardboard and laminated numbers - 1-5 numbers and pictures of trees and 6-10 numbers. To mark the trail stoppoints numbers from 1-5 and then numbers from 6-10 with pictures of senses. For the children wristbands with foxes.

Preparation: Inside discussion about different trees. Teacher prepares the adventure trail stoppoints. Teacher also explains the trail activities and introduces the rules. Linking the wristbands before going outdoors. Children are devided into 3 groups.

1 - 5 numbers  - Children have to find right tree. They have numbers and pictures with 5 different trees. The moving will be in groups and accompanied by teacher, who will tell when they have found the right tree and can move along.
Then the children got numbers from 6-10 for the senses:
sight 6 - differents coloured gemstones
ears 7 - pictures from different things that make sounds
nose 8 - jars with different flavorers
mouth 9 - pictures with different foods
hands 10 - big smooth stone, soft snowman and hedgehog crafted from pine needles.

After the adventure trail outside, inside the children and teacher had a discussion about it. The children had ti tell what did the fox see, heard, felt and discovered according to the stoppoints:
1-5 - What trees did the fox see?
sight 6 - eyes - what gemstones fox found?
ears 7 - what sounds heard the fox?
nose 8 - what smelled the fox?
mouth 9 - what did the fox eat?
hands 10 - whom caressed the fox?


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