Saturday, May 20, 2017

Legend of Rocha Beach - Portuguese story in english language

The story goes that a long, long time ago, no one can remember when it was, came to the algarvian coast a beautiful Mermaid. She was very tired and decided to rest on the rocks she found along the coast. And fell a sleep...
When she opened her eyes, she discovered someone was watching her and was scared!!
Who looked at her was a fisherman, who tried to placate her soon.
-Don't be scared, lovely Mermaid I won't hurt you! – Said the fisherman. -I was looking at you and I'm in love ... You are the most beautiful being I've ever seen! I'm a fisherman and son of the Sea, couldn't you stay here, marry me and we will live happily ever after on the coast?
Before the mermaid could answer, she heard a scream from the top of the cliff. It was a farmer who was also watching the Mermaid...
-Beautiful Mermaid! – Said the farmer. -Don't accept the proposal of the fisherman. I am a farmer, son of the Earth, and I also fell in love with you ... Marry me and be happy living in the foothills of the mountains.
The Mermaid was confused and didn’t know what to say.
-Don't listen Mermaid! – Said the fisherman – I'm going to bring you the best of the Sea, just for you! You will have beautiful seashells and corals, pearls and all the wonderful fish that the Sea has to give us!
-Make no mistake Mermaid! – Said the farmer – I will bring you the fruits of the trees, so sweet, all the flowers I find down the paths and all the riches that the Earth has to give us!
The Mermaid would look at one and the other, without being able to decide, and they continued to argue by enumerating the riches of the Earth and of the Sea, which are so many you can't count theml!

Days, months and years, all passed by and the list had no end. Over time the mermaid became very thin sand, which fills all Rocha Beach, and continues, to this day, undecided between the Earth and the Sea.

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