Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Activity with Legend of Rocha Beach

TOPIC: Legend of Rocha Beach. Mermaids, sea, fishermen.


- The child knows the legend of Rocha Beach. 
- The child knows who is mermaid, that she lives in the water and breathes on the land.
- The child knows the differences of the land from the sea, they know who lives in the sea and what grows on the land.
- The child can themselves make a fishing hook from wood stick.
- The child knows who's a fisherman.

TOOLS: The legend of Rocha Beach, an image of mermaid, a large A1 paper, white paper, crayons, fishing hook, wood sticks, string, modeling clay, tack tape.

PREPARATION: Printing out images of mermaid and the legend. Drawing mermaids sitting on the rocks on two A1 papers. On one paper also drawing the waves of the sea and to other land and montains. Tack tape the pictures one on tabel and the other to the other tabel. Also put some crayons beside them. Put ready white note papers and crayons. Also wood sticks, rope, modeling clay. Make one big tabel to everybody can sit around.

The children have heard the legend of Roch Beach once before. The teacher tells it again and they have a conversation about it. So everybody understands it.
Then teachers shows two big pictures of the mermaid. Now every child has to choos if they want to be the farmer or the fishermen. Some children couldn't decide like the mermaid. But in the end everybody made a choice. Then they had to draw the things that are good on land or in the sea.

Now we make the fishing hook. At first we observe and investigate real fishing hook. Then everybody tries to make one themselves. They had to tie the string to the wood sticks (with little help of teacher and assistant). On the end of the string they made little worm from modelling clay. Then everybody got a piece of paper and they draw fishes on it. And fishing game was ready. They put fishes into a box and started fishing with fishing hook.

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