Monday, October 23, 2017

Activity with Portugal legend of Rocha Beach

Artwork: collage of the riches of the sea and the earth
Age: 3 year children 

Field of study: I ​​and the environment, art, language and speech, mathematics. 
Theme of the week: Sea and Land
Teaching goals: 
- The child knows and tells the names of animals living in the sea and flowers that grow in the woods. - The child can name whether the object belongs to the group (fish, pearls, flowers). 
- The child feels the pleasure of engaging in artistic activities. 
- The child covers the base with glue and glues there teared paper pieces and shapes. 
- The child listens to a legend from Rocha Beach. 
- The child can tell with a couple of words about his/hers art work. 
- The child learns to use new words in the speech (coral, sea shell, pearls).

Tools: A3 base paper, cardboard plates, golden paper, yellow greasy chalks, green artificial sand, paper flowers, light blue gouache color, dark blue clay, PVA glue, napkins with fish, pearls and painting gombs.

Activity: The teacher has told children the legend of Rocha Beach on several days. Now teacher tells again and they have a discussion and conversation about the story. The children try to tell it themselves as well in couple of sentences. After the discussion the children examin pearls, napkins with pictures of fishes and paper flowers. They try to tell what they see and what they are. Afterwards the children make groups of pearls, fishes and flowers. Children name who lives in the sea and who belongs to the land.

Now teacher gives A3 paper to children, they have colored them light blue, glued a sun (paper plate colored yellow and then teared colden paper for sun beam) and flowers (glued the green artificial sand with PVA-glue and paper flowers)  on the days before.
Finally today they use for painting blue starch paste to paint the sea with a painting comb and then glue fishes and pearls to the sea.

The children observe their work with the teacher and tell with couple of sentences what their collage represents. The children were glad to do the artwork and very creative.

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