Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Ant has a problem - Belgium story

CHILDREN AGE: 4-5 years

- The child knows that helping others and sharing are very important and necessary skills for life.
- The child gets acting experiencec, developing self-confidence and fantasy.
- The child knows in more detail four new bugs and animals.

USED MATERIALS, TOOLS: paper, cardboard, felt-pens, hula hoop, gouache colors, pencils, pine tree thorns

1. The teacher reads the Belgium story "Ant has a problem" to the children. They discuss that must help each other and sharing with friends is important. The story will be read several times during the week so the children remember it.

2. Making anthill from pine tree thorns. Creating ants home.

3. Making and coloring masks for the story dramatisation. Each child colored one character from the story. We made more ant masks so that every child has a part in the play. They also made one big cherry that the ant tried to take home.

4. Teacher and the children together stage the play. So that everybody could participate they have main characters and others are ants who come to cherry eating party. Teacher has written the play a little bit shorter according to children age. The nervousness before going to the stage is read from their faces. Children enjoyed the play very much and the courage increased significantly.

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